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Re: How to stop SSH doing reverse lookup?

> putting SSH: <ComputerX hostname> in hosts.allow
> putting ALL: <ComputerX hostname> in hosts.allow

The service name provided by the SSH daemon is not "SSH", but "sshd".
You have to put "sshd: <ComputerX hostname>" (without the quotes, of
course) in hosts.allow for the statement to take effect.

However, this will probably not help in this case. Try to put
"UseDNS no" in your sshd_config file. See "man sshd_config" for details.

Thanks, but this didn't help. Same error message.

I'm also not getting the breakin attempt warning in my auth.log anymore -- could there be some kind of automatic block vs. that IP now? If so, where would I find that?

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