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Problems with partitions

Hi list,

My girlfriend's box has 40GB IDE disk and it has the following layout:

hda1   10GB NTFS              windows
hda2   512M  swap                swap
hda3   15MB   Linux              /boot            
hda4   5GB   Extended          /var
hda5   5GB    Linux                /

After the installation of the whole system (unstable), i noticed that
the there were something strange at df -h cuz i had almost 50% of the
disk space being used!
1 - I would like to know how can i mount the hda4 partition. 
I read the man-page, but i couldn't find any clue to to that. since
Extended is not a file system, i have a doubt about how can i mount

2 - Further, how can i put it into my rc2 for mounting the system all
the time it is rebooted.

Moreover, i think i have space not used (i'm not sure about the /
partition size).
3 - Assuming that the information about hda5 above is correct, how can
i reorganize the whole file systems? Is it possible to see the
remaining space available into the physical disk?

Thanks all,

Romulo Sousa

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