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How to stop SSH doing reverse lookup?

I need to ssh into my machine from a certain computer and I always get
a "No further authorization methods available" response. I can get to
my machine from other places, but I noticed this in my auth.log after
one time I tried to get in from Computer X:

Apr  1 08:32:28 localhost sshd[25266]: reverse mapping checking
getaddrinfo for <ComputerX hostname> failed - POSSIBLE BREAKIN

Now, I get the point of this, but I'd like to be able to turn it off,
at least for this machine.  So far I've tried:

putting SSH: <ComputerX hostname> in hosts.allow
putting ALL: <ComputerX hostname> in hosts.allow

the same for ComputerX's static IP

putting "ReverseMappingCheck no" in my sshd_config (got a log message
saying that had been deprecated)

Can anyone think of any other suggestions?


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