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Xprint versioning scheme?


while trying to troubleshoot some problems with printing, I found that the 
packages providing xprint stuff are at versions like 0.1.0.alpha1 while the 
project has already released version 0.9.001 in July 2004. Now, does this 
mean that xprint is unmaintained in Debian, or just that the maintainers 
chose to use Their Own Scheme? Printing from Firefox is horribly broken 
(fonts are substituted randomly, page setup is mostly ignored, printer 
settings are a bad joke, the preview is totally whacked and it's 
crash-o-rama), so would this explain it?

Or is it because Xprint is also an X.org project and doesn't really fit in 
with the (rather antiquated by now) XFree 4.3.0?

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