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Re: Are there precompiled fully patched Debian kernels?

Michael Pronath wrote:
Hi all,

we are currently trying to find out whether SuSE, Redhat or Debian suits
best our needs for our 20+ Linux desktop clients + few laptops office
network.  There is one thing that would certainly put Debian out of the
competition so I want to check back if the following is true:
Some things that we need don't work with the pure kernels.  For example,
OpenAFS needs patches for the 2.6 kernels, cryptoloop needs patches for
the 2.4 kernels, SATA (libata/ata_piix) needs patches in the 2.4
kernels, openafs-modules needs to be compiled for the 2.4 kernels.  It
seems to us, that all of this stuff is included in the precompiled 2.6
kernel from SuSE, whereas using Debian would require us to patch and
compile the kernel on our own.  We think so because we didn't find a
similarly heavily patched, precompiled Debian kernel via apt.
Patching, compiling and *testing* operating system kernels on our own is
definitely not an option for us.  What we need are working tested kernel
images and modules packages including these patches, and being updated
automatically via network for security updates.  So far, this seems to
be impossible with Debian, but I'd suppose many Linux users consider
this as crucial, so I wondered and ask.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


The obvious solution is to install Debian and then just use the SUSE
kernel images :-)

Really, nothing prevents you from doing just that.  It may require a
bit of tweaking to get everything working just right, but it is
possible.  A kernel image is a kernel image is a kernel image.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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