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Re: Finding out what partition/device a file is on?

On Wednesday March 23 2005 15:12, Ron Johnson wrote:
> > A friend of mine brought up a nice little problem. He's working on a
> > machine that has three disks mounted to /usr (don't ask), and now he'd
> > like to know
> 3 disks?  Like with lvm, md, "mount --bind" or "mount --move"?

Like in "mtab says there are three partitions mounted to /usr and calling
mount /dev/hda3 /usr; mount /dev/hda4 /usr; mount /dev/hda5 /usr
gives the same result".

> Wouldn't we have to know how the 3 disks are mounted to /usr before
> answering your question?

You do now ;-)

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