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Can't play Ogg files with Noatun/Kaboodle

I've been having a problem that started with a Debian upgrade several
months ago:  I can't play Ogg Vorbis files with Noatun or Kaboodle in
my KDE setup.  I can play other audio formats just fine, and I can
play my Ogg files on the command line with ogg123, but not both.
The audio player just sits there with "No File".  In Noatun, if I
bring up the play list, the file is there, but it's flickering, like
it's in some sort of tight loop trying to load it.  I can't delete it
(although I can clear the playlist). As I've got most of my collection
set up to play through JuK in Ogg Vorbis format, this is very
frustrating for me, and I don't seem to have any error messages or
anything to help me solve the problem. I've tried reloading the Noatun
package and all the Ogg Vorbis packages it depends on, but it hasn't
helped.  I'm running Debian testing (sarge), kept up to date with
dselect; last update was on the 7th. noatun is package version 3.3.1-2
libogg0 is version 1.1.0-1. libvorbis0a, libvorisenc2 and
libvorbisfile3 are all 1.0.1-1. I am running on i386. I can give exact
package versions of anything else if needed.  Help!
             Christopher Mattern

"Which one you figure tracked us?"
"The ugly one, sir."
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