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RE: Thunderbird segfaulting

Title: RE: Thunderbird segfaulting

Rob Brenart (TT) wrote:
>> After a dist-upgrade today Thunderbird has been segfaulting on me.
>That's bad. Thunderbird itself hasn't changed .... You remember what kind of
>packages you retrieved? Is the same true for firefox? Are you running unstable?

Yeah, I'm running unstable.

Here's my best guess as to what happened (as it's fixed now)

I use a shared profile between a Windows and Linux installation of Thunderbird on a FAT32 drive... and I think something was corrupted. Last time I booted into windows it did the automagic "scanning disk for whatever" blue screen, and the problem went away.

But that's just a best guess, perhaps it was some obscure library that came or went as I have installed and removed a couple other software packages.

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