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Re: MN100 USB Digital Camera

I was able to remedy it after adding my user to group by loggin off kde and 
back in, as for  digikam, I will give it a look.


On Monday March 7 2005 3:47 am, Tom Pfeifer wrote:
> Bill Day wrote:
> > An update here is that camera works fine through gtkam for "root" user,
> > but when I add my reg user to camera group I cannot access the pictures
> > that are on the camera.
> If you haven't already, you need to log that user off (after adding to
> the camera group), and then log back in?
> Also, and this wouldn't have anything to do with access, but you may
> want to try digikam instead of gtkam. I found it to be a much better
> program.
> Tom


Bill Day

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