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MN100 USB Digital Camera

Hello all, been lurking for a few weeks and getting comfortable with my Debian 
Sarge/KDE 3.3.2 setup running 2.4.27-1-386.  I have a USB digital 
camera(cheap thing) that I want to be able to use for pics for sale items on 
auction sites.

The camera when Plugged into usb port shows up as:
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0553:0202 STMicroelectronics Imaging Division (VLSI 
Vision) Aiptek PenCam 1

So I guess all I really need to know now is what kind of a viewer comm program 
I need to use to get the pics off the camers.



Bill Day

"A rich man isn't always wealthy, he just has all the love he can give and 
ever wanted.."

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