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Re: atlon 64????

On Fri, 4 Mar 2005 23:28:46 +0000, Clive Menzies
<clive@clivemenzies.co.uk> wrote:
> Yes I installed the ia32-libs as per the howto but I understand that
> these libraries are required for a limited number of 32 packages but I
> haven't investigated which, nor established whether the libraries are
> even necessary for the apps I use.
> I infer from your question that you believe that you can run 32 bit open
> office using these libraries; my understanding is that you can't.  Don't
> be daunted by the chroot 'thing' it sounds  much more complicated than
> it is.  It is effectively a system within a system and linking the two
> together through a few instructions.  I'd never contmplated doing it
> before but needs must and all that .... it was pretty easy (for someone
> is not yet a geek .....aspiring maybe)  Follow the howto and join the
> amd64 list.

Hi Clive!

Thank you very much for the info!!
I think I'll go with 32bit sarge for my main system (I need a system I
halfway understand for work) and I'll install amd64 on a spare disk
for testing and experimenation.
But I suppose it'll be like when I switched from windoze to linux -
once on the new system, I'll never go back, so I'll end up on a pure64
system pretty soon :-)
I also just joined the amd64 list.

Thanks again & best regards,

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