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Re: silly question

Blake Swadling wrote:
OK up front I confess that i haven't been following this thread closely (probably since the second post), but I think you are assuming that everyone here is a yank. Not everyone in the English speaking world pronounce things the way you folks do (i hazard a guess that the majority don't)

country with the most english speakers...

What is...


and they didn't learn it from us yanks.
tho they do a good job of faking it on the phone.

I can't remember where I heard it first but it was only recently that it overtook the US. here is a recent reference (not reeference -- that is something else entirely): http://www.franchise-chat.com/press_release/brumbys_20050217.htm

and the Tai Pei Times reports that in 20 years China will hold the title:

question number 3 on this page is humorous in the vein of this thread:

and the state of the web and english:

now if you are wondering why I have so much time on my hands..
I was using phpPGAdmin and I gave it a crappy join.
the interface is now hung.
I don't know if I need to restart postgres or phpadmin
or how
or if I have permissions on the server I am working on.
If some one out there can help me before I loose all hope of sleep tonight I'l send you an ice cream courtesy of Yahoo.

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