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Re: Shockwave Flash 7.0 r25

On Thursday 03 March 2005 10:13, Lee Braiden wrote:
> On Thursday 03 March 2005 15:08, Mitja wrote:
> > I have installed Macromedia Shockwave Flash 7.0 r25 but it doesn't works
> > correct.
> Two things: firstly, Macromedia are probably the ones you should be
> contacting about this, since it's their product.  Secondly, you'll need to
> provide more information: "doesn't work" gives us no idea of what's going
> wrong; only that something IS going wrong.
> --
> Lee.

I don't know if is Macromedia address to ask (it is mine opinion) because same 
plugin works correct under SuSE and KDE. I don't get any error i just cannot 
see site correct ( i wrote web site for example, but there are more). 
What is going wrong: i just see quater of display which is white colour and 
the test is gray. And i hear on example page a sound.

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