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Re: What's wrong with debian?

Caveman wrote:
I could not agree more. I love debian and I think its a great system,
however the whole release cycle thing is starting to become a issue.
Woody is just getting too old, even for servers. So what options do
you have ? Well you can use sarge, seems stable enough, however no
security. Thats a major issue in my mind.
I could use unstable, which I have found to be highly stable and I use
apt-listbugs with it which has not seen me deal with a breakage yet.
However the large number of updates that unstable gets (as it should)
starts to make this possess time consumming. So where does that leave
us? To me it starts to make debian far less useful. Which is very sad
as I think its the best distro I have ever used.
I understand that running a distro is very hard work, however I think
the debian people really need to look at their whole system.
Maybe there are some core issues which are causing the problem.
However from a end user point of view its annoying.

Hopefully its something that can be sorted out soon, before people
start using other distros.


I don't think people would be so sensitive about the release cycle if the alternatives where explained and documented better. If you use woody and make your own/use backports then i really isn't an issue because you're running a stable tested system with the latest software. But as i said, there should be good documentation on how to backport so people can do it themselves. This is also the way to go for security because you take a risk installing somebody elses backports.

Off course when the release cycle would continue to grow, then we have a more fundamental problem.


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