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Re: problem installing tomcat

Hi Hossam,
There's a long while since I last used Tomcat, but I think I remember

> first i starts the tomcat by
> /etc/init.d/tomcat4 start
Are there any messages when you do this? Is your Java environment properly

> and i put the jsp file in the webapps folder
I'm not sure about this, but I think you should put "pure" JSP files in the
"webapps/ROOT" directory, which is under "/var/lib/tomcat4".

> but when i type in my browser localhost:8080 or 8081 as i saw for debian 
> in some sites it says the connection was refused while attempting to 
> connect localhost:8081
You can see the port Tomcat is using in the file "/etc/tomcat4/server.xml".
By the way, tomcat config files are located in "/etc/tomcat4". I think that
you are getting the "connection refused" message because you are using the
wrong port number.

Good luck!

 Ivan Bittencourt de Araujo e S Neto   <ivanneto@linux.ime.usp.br>

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