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Re: why should packages migrate to testing automatically

Kamaraju Kusumanchi wrote:

> I was not asking for lengthening the "cooling off" period. I am
> suggesting not to have any "cooling off" period at all and leave the
> decision to the moderator of the package as to when it should enter
> testing. It can be 5 days of 25 days depending on the moderator's
> wish.

This is already possible.  If the maintainer does not think the package
should go into testing at all, s/he can file a dummy release-critical
bug against it.  See, for instance, these ones:


If, on the other hand, the maintainer thinks the "cooling off" period
should be 5 or 2 days (instead of the default 10 days), the package can
be uploaded with priority "medium" or "high", respectively.


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