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Re: How long 'till Sarge->Stable?

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Subject: Re: How long 'till Sarge->Stable?

I DO use sid, in fact I've been using unstable for years, but I have the
knowledge to deal with its occasional problems; I don't think is a good idea
to use unstable for a linux newbie; in this case the options are woody
(completely obsolete) and sarge (steadily reaching obsolecence).


Also, using as a server has problems if you use obsolete versions; don't you
ever need to install a software that needs the latest version of tomcat for
example? I do, and let me tell you that is a real pain to make it work with

Yes, this discussion is rough for newbies. I finally have a nice server setup running pop and IMAP mail, Apache 1.x, Mailman, WebMin, ClamAV, Squirrelmail, and SpamAssassin. I have a few users and a couple of organizations using this setup happily. Although not the intensity of a corporate environment, I certainly want it to be stable. Many say I should stay with Sarge for the stability and security. However, as a newbie, I'm not sure I want to deal with the challenges of dealing with new versions of important stuff like ClamAV when necessary to detect new viruses. (Sometimes a program upgrade is *necessary*, not just the database.)

So I'm tempted to stay with Testing, but some have warned me about insecurities and slow fixes of problems.

Again, as a newbie, it's tough to decide!  - John

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