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Re: YACDQ (Yet Another CUPS Dummy Question)

Paul E Condon wrote:
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 22:01:42 -0700
To: debian-users@lists.debian.org
Subject: YACDQ (Yet Another CUPS Dummy Question)

I have (with valuable help from this list) succeeded in setting up a
CUPS server on my local server (Debian) box. I know it is working
because I can print to it from my wife's iMac. But I want to print to
if from my desktop Debian machine also. What do I need to install on
my desktop machine to set up printing over the LAN to this server?

Or is it a question of adjusting config files? Or what?

Or maybe I don't know it is working because the access might be via
netatalk, which I have had working for many years. In which case, what
do I do to test network printing other than set up whatever is called
for by my first question?

You should point your machine at ipp://localhost[:port].  If you have
old apps that try to use lpr (like xpdf) then you need cupsys-bsd for


Roberto C. Sanchez

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