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Re: Hoe to keep an history of package releases installation ?

On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 03:59:20PM -0300, Maximiliano Combina wrote:
> > You are not the only one who wanted this feature.  The authors of aptitude 
> > wanted it, and they implemented it.  If you use 
> > aptitude, /var/log/aptitude* will contain a record of all your changes, 
> > including version numbers and dates.
> > 
> > Justin Guerin
> is there anything similar for dselect users?

It's easy enough to keep track of your package history yourself. Run
this shell script each time after you run dselect and it will leave you
with a text file of currently installed packages and a history of when
packages were upgraded.


# Script that writes current list of installed packages to
# pkg_list.current. Keeps a history of changes between package versions
# for each upgrade in system_history.txt with diff.


if [ -f 'system_history.txt.gz' ]; then
	gunzip system_history.txt.gz
if [ -f 'pkg_list.current' ]; then
	mv pkg_list.current pkg_list.last
	COLUMNS=125 dpkg -l | grep "^i" | cut -b 5- > pkg_list.current
	diff -C 0 pkg_list.last pkg_list.current >> system_history.txt
gzip system_history.txt
rm -f pkg_list.last



Larry Holish
<ljholish at speakeasy.net>

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