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Re: dmesg query

jim biri wrote:
Wonder if anyone can help. A query re: dmesg:

I had a WOODY 2.4 installation. I ran dmesg on it, and dmesg contains
listings of info for Promise and HPT drivers - although no such card
is installed.

I've now installed a SARGE/2.6 installation on the same machine,
completely wiping the previous WOODY installation. Running dmesg no
longer shows any such info for any such Promise or HPT drivers.
modconf says that there are some included in the kernel. Again, no
such card is installed.

Why would dmesg on WOODY show up some info although no card is
installed, and dmesg in SARGE doesn't?
Thanks, Jim.

please post to the list. You might et help from more qualified people and your question could interest others. Also if possible append new info BELOW the quotes (controversial but generally preferred).

maybe the behaviour you describe can be a simple result on what options where the kernels compiled with. I assume you are using a debian kernel and not one you compiled for your machine.

It could be a very instructive task if you go through the task of compiling and installing your own kernel.

If you do like the idea please Google to find instructions on how to do that in the "Debian way" which mainly involves the use of the kernel-package package and the related make-kpkg command.

Take care,

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