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Printing: Cups & XPDF

I've been running into some problems with trying to print files from xpdf to a networked cups server.

Basically it comes down to one of these really lovely problems:
I can print from OpenOffice, Firefox, lpr but I am unable to get an increasing number of pdf files to print at all.

They simply don't print. They are entered into the cups server OK, but there's no errors that I can find. I tried to get some assistance from the cups crew and they indicated that USB printer interfaces are not great right now. That and I need to get more printer memory. I don't believe it as these are smaller memory footprint pages than the graphics I'm able to print out.

I don't know that I'll get any technical solutions here.

But I'm wondering if this is an increasing problem with PDF files and their compatibility with xpdf or something else that isn't adobe acrobat?
Are there other alternatives besides xpdf or adobe?

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