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Re: cloning hard disk

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, Allasso Travesser wrote:

> > > dd if=/dev/hdc of=/dev/hda

bad idea ...

- assumes target hda is the same size disk as hdc
- assumes same number of heads/platters
- assumes no defects on either disks
- other asssumptions not as critical

	tar/cpio/cp, etc avoids all of the above media issues

> > BTW your partitioning scheme could do with a little modification -
> > it's customary to make the swap partition the first partition on the
> > disk, not the last, as access to the outer part of a disk is faster.

partition preferences is like politics and religion ..

	- there is no right answer and worst still "first partition"
	being swap is an extreme bad idea because, "track 0" is the
	largest track and holds the most amt of data per disk rotation

	for those old systems, that doesn't know how to handle disks
	over 512MB or 138GB ... /boot is required in the first partition
	which is a violation of "swap being first partition"

	on and on goes the reasons why partition schemes are the way
	it is ... 

	read all the contradictory partition schemes and why ...

> My understanding has been that the first partition has to be the boot 
> partition. Am I understanding you correctly, that you are saying that
> hdx1 would be the swap partition?

/boot as a partition is NOT required on newer bios that knows 
about large disks ( over 138GB )  ( whatever that magic numer was )

/boot directory is NOT needed if you boot offf of floppy or
some other boot media ( cdrom, cf, network, ... )

c ya

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