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Re: Re: ext3 undelete/recovery

On Thu, Feb 17, 2005 at 01:28:45PM +0100, Bernhard Burgermeister wrote:
> Hello,
> >When you rm a file, ext3 take extra steps that prevents those tools from 
> >finding
> >deleted data. There is still a way to undelete, grep the 
> >filesystem/partition :
> >grep /dev/hda1 for example, but that s a no go for most people.
> I have that problem to recover some deleted files from a ext3 partition. 
> The partition ist almost full (only 2 from 80GB free) so the area where the 
> deleted
> files can be is quite small.
> Is there a tool to grep/copy only this unallocated area of the disc? This 
> would speed up the recovery very much as we have many similar text-files on 
> that partition.
> Regards,
> Bernhard B.
Hi Bernhard,

I seem to have missed the beginning of this thread, and perhaps you have
some knowledge that don't, but having had the same problem (ext3 and
deleted files), I am under the impression that ext3 zeros the inodes on 
unused blocks, thus making it impossible to recover files mistakingly 
deleted. And even the grepping through a dd'ed image of the partition 
will find only chunks of the files as you have to recon with a degree of
fragmentation. The connection between the blocks that once constituted a
file is gone. Not to get down your hopes or anything :(, and I would
like to see you prove me wrong. With regard to that, I think it's a
sensible approach to try and copy only the unallocated area.

Good luck

Andreas Rippl -- I prefer encrypted mail

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