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Re: Still can't get Mutt to get email

On (15/02/05 14:01), Johnny wrote:
> Hi
> I am still having problems with Mutt getting my email.
> Where do I config these in the ~/muttrc or other
> where do i config my email user name
> where do i config my email address
> where do i config my email passwd
> where do i config my pop mail server
> where do i config my smtp mail server
> I have read and read doc to get a better understanding of Mutt i did not 
> find any info where to put things
> I do need a simpler setup guide for Mutt
Hi Johnny

mutt is to read your mail (MUA); you probably also have exim or exim4
(MTA) which processes incoming and outgoing mail.  To collect your mail
you need to install fetchmail and configure .fetchmailrc:

set postmaster "postmaster"
set nobouncemail
set no spambounce
set properties ""

poll isp.popserver.net with proto POP3
       user 'username' there with password 'passwd' is
              'your@email.address.com' here options keep 

to configure sending via your ISP do as root:

dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config

and select send email via smarthost and input smtp.server details.

FWIW as a complete novice on Linux/Debian I started with
mutt/exim/fetchmail and continue to use this configuration, two years
on.  However, it is a steepish learning curve and you need to google
for: fetchmail exim mutt howto 
to learn more.



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