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Re: (OT) Defining Variables in C with Bases other than 2 or 16

	Thanks to you and Martin F Krafft.  I wanted a variable that
would roll over to 0 after reaching 11 for a base of 12.
I have written code that does this sort of modulo arithmetic before
so it won't be anything special, but I thought I would ask to make
sure I wasn't re-inventing the wheel.

	Thank you.

Micha Feigin writes:
>You can use structs with bitfields. See for example
>Take note though that you won't really save much space here since due to CPU a
>memory access limitations the data sizes are always rounded at least to the
>closest builtin type (char(8),short(16),long/word(32)).
>There are usually architecture limitations dictating aligning requirements on
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