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Re: Set your system clock

On Sunday 13 February 2005 03:21 pm, Glenn English wrote:

> The NTP folk have set up a cool DNS entry, "pool.ntp.org". If you 
> point your time sync'er daemon at that, you get a list of a number of 
> NTP servers, provided at random (or maybe load balanced), who've 
> volunteered to be a server for anybody. Every time you restart the 
> daemon, you get a different list.     
Given that NTP has no facility for redirection, I did a host lookup on 
pool.ntp.org.  It's round-robined by DNS.  You don't get a different 
list, you get the same list in a different order.

> But whatever you do, don't use NIST (or any other stratum 1 server).
> They've got better things to do than tell the likes of you and me what
> time it is. Stratum 2 will keep your clock within a few milliseconds.

Heck, on high speed networks, even as far down as stratum 5 will get the 
job done within a second or two.

Paul Johnson

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