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hitachi thunder 9500v modular storage system and debian

I need to move 14 terabytes of data on 35 linux servers to a single backup 
linux machine. 

The (M$ST employing exclusively) MIS  department has finally agreed to let me 
use a Linux server, cause I have been using them for 4 years, without asking 

I use debian for my servers and they (MIS department) wants me to use redhat. 
I wanted to know if anyone has experience in getting the Hitachi drivers for 
this monster working using debian.

I assume I will be given drivers as kernel modules and I can just modprobe 
them and add  to them to initrd via mkinitrd.

Any one experienced  know more about doing this sort of thing?

My  sole experience to date has been with 3ware and adaptec hardware raid 
cards, and  linux software raid. Any pointers would be appreciated. I dont 
want to look bad to MIS :).


Mitchell laks

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