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Firewire or USB2 adapters (was: Re: Sarge with ext3, reiserfs (3/4?) or xfs?)

On Feb 08 2005, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> More expensive, one often gets a machine with a firewire host adapter that
> just is not supported, and there is USB2 which is good enough and nearly
> always supported.

I got myself a vanilla Firewire card (with a VIA chipset in it) and it has
3 external ports (one 4-pin and the others 6-pin) and one 6-pin internal

It worked out of the box with Linux and I haven't had any problems with

I don't know how many other chipsets are there, but as long as it
implements the OHCI 1394 standard, things should work without any problems
under Linux.

I don't know anything about Firewire 2, though.

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