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Re: copy DVD

On Feb 08 2005, [KS] wrote:
> You can also test your dvd directory setup by playing the DVD video from 
> your HDD with xine:
> $> xine dvd:/home/username/path/to/VIDEO_TS/

Thanks, but the layout of the file structure was already correct.

I think that the problem was that growisofs created an iso9660 image
instead of creating an UDF file-system.

> If it works OK, then your directory structure is fine. You just need to 
> write it using --dvd-compat option to the dvdrom. Also, man growisofs 
> and man mkisofs would be helpful.

Yes, I invoked growisofs with -dvd-compat (that's the correct spelling of
the option). But, somehow, it didn't work. I'm guessing here that the
option -dvd-video is the key point when burning a Video DVD.

I will test this soon and I'll report back.

Thanks anyway, Rogério.

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