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Re: Debian Kindergarten List (was: Debian List for Idiot Debian Users - seriously).

On 02/05/2005 03:51 pm, Raquel Rice wrote:

> Although not Debian specific, there are Linux lists where "RTFM",
> and the attitudes which go along with it, are not the "norm" and are
> even not allowed.  Yet, the people who answer questions are not "the
> blind leading the blind" as suggested.
> I know I'll get flamed for this response, but maybe it's time to
> grow up, boys.

I have not seen this attitude in quite a while; the type of people who never 
answer questions other than to post flames of newbies.  When I started in 
Linux about 8 years ago, it was quite common to see the old UNIX people post 
flames directed at Linux newbies.  It was not too long before they themselves 
got flamed for being rude and for taking the time to post flames rather than 
ignoring the post that irritated them or telling the poster where they might 
find answers.  

The IRC channels (on Freenode) are a good place to get pointers to info, that 
and Google.

As for women contributing to the list, maybe we scare them off for some 
reason, I don't know.  I don't think we do it intentionally.


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