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Re: debian 'gentoo-like'

On Thursday 03 February 2005 03:58 pm, Manu wrote:

> I was reading the documentation on how to build source
> package on debian.. is there an automated way so that
> I can directly get the source and rebuild
> automatically the source package?

Not really, no.  Nothing is stopping you from trying, though.
> Also, is there any gain in performance ? has anyone
> notice any differences?

For the vast majority of stuff, not really, no, unless you're a Gentoo 
ricer.  Then it's 2 trillion times faster in your head alone.


Packages that benefit from subarchitecture optimizations tend to have 
subarchitecture-specific packages already (for example, I have 
mplayer-k7 and kernel-image-2.6.10-k7 installed; you can probably guess 
my subarchitecture by the package name).

Paul Johnson

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