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Debian List for Idiot Debian Users - seriously.

   There should be a Debian for idiots by idiots list;
at least the rest of us (non-programmers, non-techies)
could not feel superior to each other, and instead we
would eventually get our legitimate questions answered
in terms that we would understand.

  Even the FM's are written by the experts for the
experts who would never (so it would seem) consider
that a mere, mud-treading mortal would ever aspire to
using Debian.

  I asked in this list, on numerous occassions, how to
actually use the "rescue" floppy. 
  Every single advice I got did not work for me. I
dutifully reported that, and so far no one could see
me through the ordeal to a satisfactory end.

  I, repeat, am serious about the Debian for Idiots
list. How should I go about seeing one to materialize?

  Deeply prostrating, in all awesomness respectful
  Mr. Jan Hearthstone.


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