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how to patch kernel 2.2 and compile a module with it

i have debian 2.2 and kernel 2.2.19. i want to install
bttv module, as instructed by its home page


i have to patch kernel with i2c-2.2.18.diff.gz, but
what is the command to patch it?

my 2nd question is how to compile bttv with kernel. 

below is extracted from readme of bttv driver, but i
am still not clear about how to compile it:

If you downloaded the separate bttv bundle:  You need
configured kernel
sources to compile the bttv driver.  The driver uses
some Makefile
magic to compile the modules with your kernel's
(wrt. module-versions, SMP, ...).  If you already have
compiled the
kernel at least once, you probably don't have do worry
about this.  If
not, go to /usr/src/linux and run at least "make
config".  Even
better, compile your own kernel, you'll never become a
real hacker
else ;-)
Note that you have to turn on video4linux support
in the kernel to get the videodev.o module which is
required by bttv.

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