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Re: XP and Sarge Dual Boot....

Bootpart edits a boot.ini.

from the command line:
bootpart /? will give you all the options. I normally just drop
bootpart.exe at c:\

C:\>bootpart /list
Boot Partition 2.50 for WinNT/2K/XP (c)1995-2002 G. Vollant (info@winimage.com)
WEB : http://www.winimage.com and http://www.winimage.com/bootpart.htm
Add partition in the Windows NT/2000/XP Multi-boot loader
Run "bootpart /?" for more information

Physical number of disk 0 : 38000000
 0 : C:* type=7  (HPFS/NTFS), size= 20482843 KB, Lba Pos=63
 1 : C:  type=83  (Linux native), size= 97272 KB, Lba Pos=40966128
 2 : C:  type=83  (Linux native), size= 8203104 KB, Lba Pos=41160672
 3 : C:  type=82  (Linux swap), size= 519120 KB, Lba Pos=57566880

This produces a list of partitions, 0 is Windows, 1 is my /boot partition.

bootpart 1 c:\debian.mbr "Debian Linux"

creates a file (c:\debian.mbr) and adds it to the boot.ini list.

When installing Debian take care NOT to install to the MBR, and
install grub to /dev/hda2 (in this case).

Have fun.

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