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Re: Product Development

On Wednesday 02 Feb 2005 13:48, ken keanon wrote:
> I need an office package. I have in
> mind OpenOffice. Rather than the whole package, I want
> to install individual components on a need-to basis. I
> need a Wordprocessor and Spreadsheet to start with. Is
> it possible to select and install them individually?
> Where do I find the proper package name to do a
> 'apt-get install" for them?

The package to install is openoffice.org.  You could find that with something 
like 'apt-cache search openoffice'.

You cannot install individual components in OOo 1.1.  For version 2 (due out 
in March), upstream do support individual packages and the Debian packages 
will be split too, but I'm afraid the -core package is far larger than the 
components and there will not be big savings.  See the package sizes here:



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