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Re: Question on install to second hard-drive

In message <3t17j-7vv-23@gated-at.bofh.it>, Gary Bentley <barryg@programmer.net> writes
Hi folks,

Can anyone help...  My apologies if this is the wrong group...

I have recently installed a second hard-drive in my machine.

My first drive contains a dual-boot of W2K and Fedora Core 2.

I would like to put Debian 3.0 on the second disk.

Trouble is when I tried to install, everything was going o.k. until it wanted to re-use the swap partition on drive 1. I wasn't able to specify that I wanted to have a swap partition on drive 2. So I stopped the install.

So the question is, will "re-using" the swap partition have any impact on FC2? (I can't afford it to be "more" broken than it is) More importantly

Not a problem. Nothing is left there when the OS shuts down (at least, not intentionally). The general belief is that having swap on a different physical drive to the data and programs is beneficial, as it would seem likely to require much less head movement.

can I specify to Debian that it should create and use a swap partition on the second disk (I would like to eventually get rid of the first disk cause it's getting a little old).

I'm not certain it can be done at installation time (I've always shared an existing swap) but it can certainly be done afterwards if you want to. The mkswap command formats a swap space and /etc/fstab tells the OS where it is at boot time. Or you can turn swap spaces on or off while running, if you are sure they are not in use.

Also, during the install can I tell Debian (I didn't get this far) to NOT install lilo (or grub?).

During the expert installation, yes. Either or neither.

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