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Re: No more disk space.No way! Help.

Wathavy wrote:
(unmarked snippage below)

>Please let me know how I can let the working 
>Debian linux to use more partition space
>exist in the hard disk.
>I swear there was three partitions.
>But now it shows only TWO. One is missing.
>when I type 'df' it shows only two instead of three.
>I saw the Debian installer to make three with whatever
>he/she wanted to make after I pressed guide..(I forgot).
>at partitioning timing.
>So I taskseled again to gain whole desktop stuff and
>all that.
>Then there was an errro and error and so on.
>it screemed at me " NO MORE SPACE "
>Then I looked up in my Debian-Linux dictionary.
>which said 'fd to check free disk space'.
>So I said so.
>with -h because I could not recognize what it says.
>Then I found only 4.8GB left for me.
>which supposed to be at least 10GB.

Please send the output of:

fdisk -l /dev/hda (assuming your hard drive is /dev/hda)

df -h


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