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Re: Music player under linux for ape?

On Fri, Jan 21, 2005 at 04:51:53PM +0800, Lian Liming wrote:
> Hi all,
>     I have some music files in ape format.  I find music player 
> "Noatun,Juk" on kde not support this format. It is also not supported by 
> xmms which is quite popular under linux.
>     So i wonder if there is any music player under linux support music 
> files in APE format?

I had a bunch of .ape files to convert. I didn't manage to find a
player with .ape support but then I wasn't looking for one. Based on
the state of what I did find I wouldn't be too hopeful...

There is a [de]compressor with which you can convert .ape files to
.wav format. You can compile it on Linux, sort of. You need the source


and a patch:


There are no build instructions. IIRC you apply the patch, cd to the
Source directory, run 'make', and you end up with a binary called 
'mac', which you have to figure out for yourself. You also have to 
figure out for yourself that the options come AFTER the file 
arguments, so the command to decompress a file is 
'mac infile.ape outfile.wav -d'. Then you say some rude words because
it doesn't work... this you have to fix yourself.

It supports UTF16 character strings which for some reason were broken 
on my system (woody). Since I was not interested in using UTF16, I
didn't bother to determine whether the brokenness was in the Monkey's
Audio code or something like a library version mismatch between what
it assumes and what's in woody. I simply brutally hacked it to make it
UTF8-only. I'm guessing you maybe are interested in UTF16, so while
I'm quite happy to send you my mutilated version it may not be what
you want. (For a start, you'll probably want to remove the "tracers"
which are still in it :-) and all I've done with it is decompress
files, so I don't know if the other functions work.)


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