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Re: Kernel Upgrade?

On Sunday 30 January 2005 1:56 pm, Kent West wrote:
> Compiling a kernel is a great thing to do; lots of education involved. 
> But if you just need a newer kernel and aren't ready for that education, 
> just apt-get install a newer binary kernel. For most purposes, a 
> pre-built binary kernel will suffice. I mean, you're using one now and 
> doing pretty well with it, right?
Amen, I have been running Linux now for five years and have never once
compiled my kernel; I have never seen the need.

 I buy hardware that is specifically supported by the kernel drivers, so I 
don't need to compile in odd-ball modules...

Yeah, I could reduce kernel size and speed it up somewhat by compiling a 
custom kernel, but I my smallest HD is 40Gb (small by modern standards);
and the slowest processor I have seen in regular desktop use is a 3nn PII.
(I currently am using an AMD 1800XP.) I simply do not consider it worth 
the time/effort for the gains obtained.
If I was trying to squeeze every last bit of speed/raw performance out of it;
yeah, then it might be worth the bother. Instead this is my desktop machine,
I simply want it to work with as little hassle/bother as I can manage. 
I'd rather use the machine to work, than work on the machine <g>.

Sorry, Kent. Ya triggered a latent rant that has been brewing for a while...

"You could put that thing through a man's heart and he'd still have time
to kill you and a dozen other people before he died. If I cleave
a man's skull with my broadsword and he stays standing, I just
go around behind him to see what he's leaning on." -- Conan

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