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Re: Anjuta C++ Project problems

On Monday 31 Jan 2005 15:52, Micha Feigin wrote:
> > I've now added gtkmm-2.0 and gnomeuimm-2.0 which gets rid of most the
> > symbols problems but I cannot find out which library contains
> > "Gnome::Bonobo::wrap_init()"
> That would probably be one of the libbonobo libraries. I think that its
> libbonobommui or something similar.
> > Is there a tool that I can use on my machine that will show me which
> > library contains such a thing, or is there a website ?
> There's nm (-D options looks nice for libraries) and objdump that can give
> you quite a lot of info. grep will catch the symbols most of the time. You
> could also grep the headers and find the package from which they came (dpkg
> -S) and match the library that way.
> Also look for a good language reference, they should include the matching
> libraries and headers.
> > I should really like something like "ldconfig -p" but which shows the
> > public functions....
> >
> > Thanks again for your kind assistance.
> >
> > Regards,
> > TreeBoy
> >
> >
Thanks yet again!

I should have admitted that I tried all of the various *bonobo* libraries I 
could and didn't get a result.

Now that you've introduced me to the "nm" tool - I shall go away and try and 
post the results if/when I find the relevant library.

I presume that it must be here, because the "Gnome::Bonobo" class seems like 
it might be kind of important (just guessing by the name).

Speak soon,

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