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Quik and Debian PPC

I just installed Debian Sarge off CD (I think I burned it in November?) on my old PowerMac 7200/90. It's a junkie old machine, so I took my chances with the Quik bootloader, deleting the whopping 500MB drive of it's former master, Mac OS 8.6. The default kernel for the installation booted fine with BootX (I can't say as much for my PM 7300, which I've only gotten to boot with the 2.2.20 kernel from Woody), and the base install and everything went smoothly. Well, sorta; I had to restart after the Quik installer told me I had to do it in ext2, not ext3. Anyway, the second time around on the installation, it popped up with a menu and asked me to choose a kernel to install. I just chose the default, 2.6.8, and it installed fine. Now when I boot up, via Quik, I get the picture of Tux, and it hangs. Quik is working... I think... but the kernel hangs. It's exactly what it does on my 7300 when I use the Sarge or Mandrake installation kernels from BootX, it just hangs with Tux.

What now? I need to try a different kernel, but I've already "Quiked" my system into the one that doesn't work. Is the machine bricked? What do I do? The installer said something about cntrl+opt+p+r... not a clue what that's for, but it doesn't do anything.

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