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Re: Increasing space under an existing directory

Ron Johnson wrote:

On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 14:43 +0100, Benedict Verheyen wrote:
Vinod wrote:

During Sarge install, I mounted /usr on a separate partition and did
the install. Now, after I installed some software, /usr has aroung 100M
free. My question is, can I use mount to mount an additional drive
under /usr to increase the space? Or do I have to use LVM? I read the
LVM pages, but it did not make sense. What would I need to do for the

You can use a tool to resize your partition (if you have place left or can shrink another partition) for instance parted. Or you could have installed on LVM which allows you to resize partitions
to avoid the kind of problem you are having now.

Or, he could reinstall.  If it's a fresh install, reinstalling
shouldn't be that big a burden.
Indeed. Starting again and getting LVM into the picture wouldn't be so much work.

And, remember that this is 2005, not 1995.  /usr doesn't have to
be on it's own disk anymore.

Maybe not for a home 'puter but isn't putting /usr on a seperate partition prefered for a server? You can then mount the partition read only. That's one of the benefits i can think of.


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