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Re: RAID 1 : DEBIAN (WOODY) b2.4 - compatible Parallel ATA disk / compatible hardware RAID 1 controller

hi ya biri

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005, jim biri wrote:

> All I'm lacking now is a known-to-be-reliable ATA disk controller for
> software RAID 1 i.e. so can have one drive on one ATA disk controller,
> one drive on another.

that is the "right way" .. one disk per cable ..

all "ata disk controllers" [basically] works ....  
all "ata disk controllers" support sw raid1, because it doesnt do anything
    fancy and doesn't know how

all sw raid is done in the linux kernel 

whether sw raid works reliably or not is up to the user who config'd the
files and tested enuff and used "good hw" vs "cheap hw"
	- "reliable" means different things to everybody ..

c ya

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