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Re: dual boot

On Sun, 2005-01-30 at 18:59 -0800, Joe Costantini wrote:
> Can you help?
> I have a Dell Precision 420 with SCSI drive.  I have win2000 server
> installed.  Added an ATA drive and installed Debian Sarge on it.  Can
> boot linux from floppy.
> Setup NTLDR to dual boot win2000 or Linux.  When I select Linux, I get
> "L 01 01 01".

If memory serves, you need to add a boot loader to the ATA drive.  Have
Sarge install GRUB to the ATA drive's MBR, and then point NTLDR's Linux
entry to that drive.  When booting, you'll first choose the Linux entry
in NTLDR, and then choose another entry for your Sarge system in the
GRUB menu.

Lance Lucas

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