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Re: RAID 1 : DEBIAN (WOODY) b2.4 - compatible Parallel ATA disk / compatible hardware RAID 1 controller

jim biri, 

> --- UK-based DEBIAN (WOODY) b2.4 compatible Parallel ATA disk
> controller - for use with software RAID 1? So have two IDE drives each
> on separate disk controller - hence looking for tried and tested
> second disk controller.

I'm using two HighPoint Ultra 100TX controller (PDC20268) with 2
channels each supporting 4x200GB Maxtor drives. Under 2.6 these
controllers have been quite straight-forward. I do, however, remember
some initial trouble under 2.4 (which drivers to include, etc.) and some
trouble getting the DMA to turn on automatically (hdparm + init solved
that one). Other than that they have behaved exemplary.

(My post of some weeks back where the wrong drive was marked as failed
by mdadm I don't think was due to the controller.)


Christopher Pharo Glæserud

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