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Re: sata drives

On (30/01/05 08:31), p_s wrote:
> Clive Menzies wrote:
> >On (29/01/05 23:23), duke_p@saunalahti.fi wrote:
> >
> >>I am trying t o install debian testing to my new laptop, which has sata 
> >>haddrives, and I miserably fail when partitioning.. Installer notifies 
> >>that 'no partionable media found'
> >>
> >>I tried to boot with:
> >>linux26
> >
> >Try expert26  IIRC .... It worked for me ;)
> >
> >Regards
> >
> Didn't get far, the list of modules the installer offers here too is all 
> for IDE chipsets.
> I googled around and some suggest that turn off the sata from bios, but 
> sadly that's not possible on my bios.
You are using the sarge d-i rc2 installer?

>From memor: I setup a couple of servers with software RAID on SATA
drives in Decmber.  I booted into the installer with "expert26" and that
gave all sorts of options of packages to run during the install and
support for SATA and RAID were in there.



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