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Re: apt-get err

On Sun, 30 Jan 2005 02:21:57 +0100
Es'uomikim <es_uomikim@op.pl> wrote:

> for my problem, but I cannot do any:
> /apt-get -f install /because if I do this there's this error!!! : /
> isn't there any manual method of uninstalling this package ?
> or at least a method to make debian to 'forgot' that it exists ?
> anything just to make apt-get work..... : /
> ::loop::
> to make apt-get work I have to uninstall package
> to uninstall package I have to use apt-get
> ::loop::

If you have it installed, kpackage never pays any attention to
dependencies whenever I use it. It lets me install and uninstall things
all over the place, sometimes breaking things in the process. You could
try using it to see if it will let you remove what's there.

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