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Re: Backup Solutions

On Jan 29 2005, Joe wrote:
> I've recently bought an LG GSA-4160B which writes to all CD-shaped media
> currently popular, including RAM.

What a coincidence! Yesterday I got one of this myself, with this exact
model number.

I have still not opened my box to install the unit, but have been learning
the differences between using growisofs and mkisofs and it seems that I
will finally be able to offload some of the videos and music that I have
here to DVD media.

The only problem that I have is that I didn't find DVD-RW or DVD+RW media
where I tried. I could only get DVD-R media and it wasn't cheap. :-(

Anyway, I also have an external IDE HD in a Firewire enclosure and it's one
of the best ways to backup things that needs to be changed frequenly (i.e.,
it is better for backup up things that may change, as opposed to burning
them on DVD-R).

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