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Re: Backup Solutions

In message <3s5FS-1VD-3@gated-at.bofh.it>, Gene Heskett <gene.heskett@verizon.net> writes

As it stands now, I would only consider the use of a different disk
technology called dvd-ram, but those units seem to be all setup to
operate in vcr mode for tv recording and such, none that I've seen
actually have a scsi or atapi interface available.  But then the only
ones I've seen are the pioneers intended to be vcr workalikes.  The
tv station has a 6 pack of those, and they are working pretty good
for program delay purposes in good old Never Twice Same Color mode...

The dvd-ram claims as much as 100k write cycles and unlimited reads,
where the dvd+-rw's I bought are only rated for maybe 1000 cycles.
So basicly I've relegated them to making an occasional linux install
dvd only.  When they have been used up, no more of those will be
bought, I'll treat them all as throwaways like we do cd's.

I've recently bought an LG GSA-4160B which writes to all CD-shaped media currently popular, including RAM.

I have to say I haven't yet tried it under Linux, but Win98 seems to handle it OK, with the exception that it can't deal with really big files. It can certainly erase DVD+RWs, though I wasn't impressed by the overhead/cluster size. I could get only about 1.8G of varied files on a 4.7G disc without tarring.

I wouldn't have thought you could rely on tapes after 1000 passes, so RWs aren't such a bad idea. Once a week with verify and two rewinds is about 1000 passes in five years: most people would want to replace them more often than that. Verify doesn't wear the disc, and you don't rewind, so one erase a week is about 20 years...

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