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Re: APM Not Really Compiled Into Debian Kernel

On Sat, 29 Jan 2005 21:40:08 +0100, Adam Porter wrote:
> Yep, it was after I installed apmd that I noticed that APM wasn't in the 
> kernel.

It is better to have an integral apm driver than a modular one.  If you
build your own kernels then be sure to set CONFIG_APM to y rather than m.

The advantage of having an integral apm driver is that the driver is
present when other drivers initialize.

If no apm driver is present when other drivers initialize then those other
drivers are not able to register their power management functions with
apm.  The result is that drivers cannot prepare hardware for suspend or
reconfigure it afterwards.

Of course this doesn't apply if you have acpi enabled instead.

I am not sure why Debian insists on shipping apm as a module, but since I
build my own kernels I don't care enough to bother trying to get this

Thomas Hood

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